Sports Massage

Training for a Run? Feel Aches and Pains? Need someone to make you feel better that site? Want to recover faster after a heavy workout session? Have Trigger points (feel knotty) that need a professional to release?

Book in for a Sports Massage where we spend 30 minutes – 45 minutes with you!

We treat with Deep Tissue Releases, stretching and general relaxation techniques!

The idea is to keep you moving, decrease your recovery time, improve your tissue health and generally make you feel good!

Sports massages boosts performance, improves your longevity in your sport, repairs muscle tissue and most important Prevents Injuries.

We treat with the eyes of a Physiotherapist! If we feel the particular sore area is connected to a sports injury or recurring because of a certain dysfunction we are able to pick it up!

This allows you to get to the root of the problem causing pain.

We also use our expertise in movement dysfunction in giving you the right type of tissue release and improvement in function with a few exercises thrown in all for free!

If you play for a local team or have joined a running club? We are currently offering a 20% discount for all Sports Teams, Sports Clubs Members. Call us to find out more!