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Sports Injury Case Study

Medial Cruciate Ligament (MCL) Case Study This blog is about a patient I had when I first started out as a Sports Therapist, and was able to see from Day 1 of the injury through to full rehabilitation (nothing more satisfying than that!). My patient was a 20 year old male, playing regular football for […]

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How to prepare for a marathon – Getting started

It’s ballot season, you’ve just received your London Marathon entry! Instagram post done, twitter updated and Facebook status uploaded – now what? Before you start looking for some new shoes to buy and get fitted at a running shop, read this! Marathon running is different to your average jog around the park or the […]

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Why Women Should Be Lifting Heavy Weights!

  Most gym-going women have a complicated relationship with the weights section at their gym. If you’re one of these women – your gym routine probably looks something like this: a 30+ minute steady-state, moderate pace workout on the treadmill, or cross trainer, followed by low weight exercises on the weight machines that target inner […]

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